To Hear an Oriole Sing

Don’t worry, I haven’t taken up singing. Although some say I have a nice singing voice; mezzo-soprano, I’ve been informed. I’m posting Emily Dickinson’s poem about the oriole because I like it and I’m up to my ears in Nanowrimo! The poem’s meaning also ties in nicely with the spirit of Nano; that of following the instinct to create, listening to and letting one’s unique voice be heard, regardless of the naysayers!

To hear an Oriole sing
May be a common thing —
Or only a divine.

It is not of the Bird
Who sings the same, unheard,
As unto Crowd —

The Fashion of the Ear
Attireth that it hear
In Dun, or fair —

So whether it be Rune,
Or whether it be none
Is of within.

The “Tune is in the Tree —”
The Skeptic — showeth me —
“No Sir! In Thee!”

Listen to the Oriole’s sweet song here.

About susancarey

Writer and teacher living in Amsterdam. Trying to be mindful and occasionally succeeding!
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4 Responses to To Hear an Oriole Sing

  1. Sally Robinson says:

    Very appropriate! Am a great admirer or Emily Dickinson. Hits the nail on the head so nicely. Loved the birdsong. Bit of a mezzo-soprano too! Good luck with Nano. Am full of admiration.


  2. susancarey says:

    Thanks, Sally. Perhaps we can get together for a Christmas Carol sing song in December. The service at St Nikolaas church is always very nice!


  3. pfornari says:

    We are visiting India, and Willie says his grandfather mentioned orioles in his book aout village life in India, written in the twenties. A stunning bird, with a stunning song…


  4. susancarey says:

    How lovely, Paola. I found pictures of the Asian oriole online yesterday. It has a striking red and black plumage. Have a nice time in India and if you see an oriole, please try and get a picture!


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