Easter Sunday at Westerpark City Farm

One of the things I love about Amsterdam is the city farms that are dotted around town. City farms are such a wonderful way to introduce town kids to animals. I grew up on a farm and know how much one can learn from our four-legged friends; patience, empathy and perhaps most importantly, the chance to nurture the responsibility and commitment needed to look after a pet/farm animal. I always loved springtime back home on the farm and often, like Little Bo Peep, had a  trail of lambs trotting after me. Tiddlers, we called them. I have no idea where this name originated. Tiddlers are lambs that have either lost their mothers or need extra milk from the bottle.

My favourite city farm is the kinderboerderijWesterpark. Below are a few photos of Easter Sunday afternoon. Lots of activities for children naturally; face painting, egg decorating, pony rides, petting the animals, and of course hunting for eggs!


About susancarey

Writer and teacher living in Amsterdam. Trying to be mindful and occasionally succeeding!
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1 Response to Easter Sunday at Westerpark City Farm

  1. So lovely and peaceful…I think animals are really calming…


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