Sew Nice!

Inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, shown recently on BBC2, I decided to pick up sewing again. The last time I was really into sewing was when I was still belly-dancing. Some of my circular skirts and veils you can see here. The Great British Sewing Bee was sewing’s answer to The Great British Bake Off, although I find Patrick Grant a lot sexier than Mary Berry’s irritating sidekick, Paul Hollywood. 

Sew nice 003

The viscose/lycra jacket is from a pattern in de Knip, May 2013 issue. De Knip is for sale in newsagents, or you can download individual patterns from their website.  If you don’t speak Dutch though, I’m afraid you won’t be able to make head nor tail of the instructions. I can read Dutch but the mind-baffling draped pockets constructed within the side seam of the  jacket gave me a box-of-Anadin headache!

Sew nice 010

The skirt was an easy-peasy A-line pattern (also from De Knip) made with a fabric which I got for 4 euros a metre from the wonderful Albert Cuyp market. If you want a pattern in English then go to de Kniphal, also along the Albert Cuypstraat. De Kniphal used to be the best for fabrics too, but these days they only seem to carry interior textiles or highly ornate fabric for occasionwear.

The material for the digital-print jacket was a lot more expensive, 17,95 euros per metre from De Boerenbonthal. De Boerenbonthal is an Aladdin’s cave of sumptuous textiles which you can find about halfway along the Albert Cuypstraat at numbers 186-190.

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I hope this blog will inspire you to perhaps take up sewing for the first time, or pick it up again! Summer clothes are usually quick and easy to make and you’ll have a totally individual piece that will make you stand out from the crowd!


About susancarey

Angela writes using pseudonym, Susan Carey. She has dual nationality, GB/NL and lives in Nijmegen. Susan has had short fiction published on multiple platforms and was a runner-up in the 2018 and 2017 Casket of Fictional Delights Flash Competitions. Her writing has also been published and performed by amongst others: Mslexia, Liars’ League, Reflex Fiction, the Casket and of course the wonderful Writers Abroad. In 2020 she published her short story collection, Healer. Tweets at @su_carey
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6 Responses to Sew Nice!

  1. susancarey says:

    Reblogged this on Amsterdam Oriole and commented:

    I’m reblogging this because it seems the original post didn’t contain the photos in the email. Apologies for the extra email!


  2. nessafrance says:

    You look stunning, Susan! I have all the sewing skills of a left-handed monkey so I am full of admiration for people who can make their own clothes.


  3. Sherri says:

    Love your creations Susan, you look great! I used to do a lot of sewing, especially when my daughter was a little girl (still have most of the dresses I made for her!) but I haven’t done any for years. I do feel quite inspired seeing these great photos of you!


  4. pfornari says:

    Wow, lovely to see you being so creative! Stunning colours and styles…(and i need to learn how to do the fancy slide show thing again!)


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